How to Book the Right Exhibition Space for your Business

Booking an exhibition space is very important and plays a key role in the success of an event that any company attends. There are a few things to consider and the organisers will help you in your decision-making but we’re going to give you a few of our top tips when choosing your space.

The main aisle and flow – the route people take

Exhibitions offer a huge potential to spread your message to a vast amount of people in one hit. But, the majority of those people will go in one major aisle and peter off here and there down smaller aisles. The closer you can get to the main aisle, generally the better the position you will have, because they’ll see you as they cross that main aisle throughout the day.

If your show is adjoining another show, consider being near to the entrance of that other show where audience crossover might occur between the two events.

Shell Scheme or Space Only

It’s quite important to know the difference between these two. If you don’t – here’s what you need to know:

Shell Scheme Spaces are provided with walling, plain boards, carpet, usually some lighting and one power socket. Great for companies on a budget and usually a little more expensive per square metre but cheaper overall. They can be filled with self-build displays such as pop-up stands and pull-up banners.

Space Only is exactly what is says on the tin. You will have to book everything for it – electrics, flooring, all the way through to stand/display and lighting. This option is usually the more expensive one and bigger spaces tend to be space only. However, you can be truly creative in this and let whatever message you want to convery be seen. Working with a stand builder can help you facilitate these ideas to fruition.

Book the right size stand – split your budget into thirds

A good indicator of budget allocation is that a third of your overall budget should be spent with the organiser when booking your space. The other two thirds should be spent on the rest of the overheads for it – exhibition stand, merchandise, factor in your day’s time, staffing and anything else you will have on the stand for the show.

Space-only and shell scheme stand spaces come in a variety of sizes to suit most budgets. Most exhibitions price per square metre, so be wary of being sucked into a large stand space if your budget can’t accommodate it. If you already have the exhibition stand or merchandise, for example, you may be able to go bigger on the stand size.

These are just some of our pointers and hopefully this has helped you when considering what space to book at your next exhibition.

There are so many ways to dress your stand – take a look at some of our previous creations on our social media for inspiration and ideas!

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